Banco Falabella - Oficina Lima

Banco Falabella - Offices in Lima - Playroom

My first career is architecture. I worked a few years in design for retail and then focused in lighting design which has been my job for almost 6 years now.

Working in lighting design has teached me how light works in general, how to make 3d models efficiently and quickly, how to work with geometry with different levels of complexity and how to manage space in a design.

These are some of my favorite projects! I would love to show you more but I can't due to confidentiality issues

Banco Falabella - Offices in Lima - Hall

The design process I follow for the lighting design projects is:

  • Make 3D model of the space or building in Dialux Pro, taking in consideration all the ceiling heights, materials, structures and furniture.

  • Define which luminaires are going to be used depending on the concept and previous design ideas the client has.

  • Insert the photometry in the program and try different set ups and types of photometries in order to get the desired design and also comply with lighting regulations.

FORD - Showroom + Store

USIL University - Main Library Lighting Model

MLP - Offices in Lima - Main Operative Pool Area

What I value the most from my work experience in lighting design is that I have learned a lot about light, how it works, the different forms it can be used and the technical terms used in a professional environment.

I am sure that all this knowledge can translate to lighting for movies and animated series!

Karina Paulet

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