Hispanic Heritage Month Illustration for NESPRESSO

This is the biggest illustration job I've had so far. Shutterstock contacted me because they where looking for latin american illustrators from different countries where Nespresso cultivates it's coffee to make an illustration representing the coffee culture in each country.

This illustration was done entirely in Adobe Illustrator and Vectornator (Ipad), and it was a great learning experience doing something with this level of complexity in a program and format I was not used to work with, and also learning how to work with a big client. We had some initial designs and feedback sessions to finally land in the final version. I'm really proud of this one!


In Peru we have a very rich culture, both in landscapes and customs. The territory is divided into three regions: coast, andes and jungle. The three regions have a unique identity and we are proud of that. As a country, coffee is one of our best export products and it is something we love to share at all hours of the day. That diversity and the pride we have for our coffee is what I want to show in this illustration.

Some initial drafts:
Final post:

Illustration made to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month for:

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