Mi jardín - This illustration was a comission made for the plant shop "Mi Jardín". The client asked me to make a tropical illustration with different types of plants and to make it work in color and in monochromatic styles. She finally printed the illustration in paper bags to deliver her beautiful plants!
Ecolmena - This one was an assignment for an illlustration class where I was asked to pick a brand that I liked and make a hand made design using watercolors and mixed media that could be used for it's packaging. I picked this organic honey brand that I love.
Fluye Bottle - This illustration was a contest that I entered where I had to make a design for this reusable bottle brand, using any concept / message that I wanted. I decided to make the illustration based on the phrase " We are one with the earth" meaning that everything that happens to the earth, happens to us.
Karina Paulet

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